Control Diabetes without Pills and Insulin

Diabetes can be controlled without using pills and insulin. I am not saying it by reading some articles or blogs. I am saying it by my personal experience. If you think, you have to keep consuming the pills and insulin for the lifetime, let me correct you. You can stop using pills and insulin by just following certain easy steps. It is tough to believe but, it is true.

Vigorous Walking

Walking is extremely essential for a healthy lifestyle. Vigorous walking is an addition, in order to avoid pills and insulin. This type of walking comprises of vigorous movement of hands and fast walking. Walking on high terrain is extremely beneficial. Walking is extremely eco-friendly and it is friendly to health also. So, if you are to travel to your office or to buy groceries, why not walk, it saves money and enriches your health too. Spend minimum of 60 minutes on walking.

Yoga and Exercise

Performing yoga or aerobics every day, for not more than 30 minutes, can prevent usage of insulin for a lifetime. Exercise and yoga, directly cause benefits to the liver and help pancreas segregate more insulin, to balance the level of sugar and insulin in the body. Yoga also keeps the mind focused and provides peace of mind. Diabetic patients should not take too much of stress and yoga facilitates in reducing the stress.

Take water supplements every 15 minutes

Diabetic patients get dehydrated, faster than normal people. Thus, diabetic patients should always carry a water bottle with them, and take sips every 10-15 minutes. Regular water consumption hydrates their body.

Strict timings

The diabetic patients should eat food every day, at fixed timings. Any small deviation in the timings of food, can fail the above process. Skipping of meals is a deadly crime, with respect to the diabetic patients. They should not skip meals at any cost.

Diabetes and Diabetic Diet

Before we discuss the diet of a diabetic patient, we must understand what actually the disease diabetes is? Diabetes is an extremely dangerous disease, which has no suitable medication. People suffering from diabetes have to consume pills all their life. It is even more dangerous as, even children are vulnerable to this disease. Pregnant women should take special care, as the disease can be passed on to the child. A child from a diabetic parent is a potential diabetic patient.

What is diabetes actually?

Diabetes is the condition of body wherein, it is unable to absorb sugar and its forms but, only sustains by passing it through the urine. Thus, the diabetic patient feels hungry pretty soon. The basic advises given to the diabetic patients, is to have small-small proportion of frequent meals. Direct consumption of sugar products gives direct energy to the body. Thus, a diabetic patient should avoid consumption of items, which provide direct energy.

Two types of sugar

There are basically two types of sugar. The first one is simple sugar and the second one is complex sugar. Simple sugar is easy to digest and contains white sugar. Diabetic patients should avoid these foods, which contain simple sugar, like banana, mango, oranges, etc, because they make the diabetic patients hungry, more frequently.
While, the complex sugar containing items are extremely suitable for the diabetic patients, as they are tough to digest and keep the stomach filled for certain period of time. Only ‘Venus Factor’ training and Venus Factor review and suggestions can facilitate quick digestion of such type of sugar. Items containing complex sugar are whole grains, legumes, raw salads, brown rice, etc.

Secret Mantra to remain fit

Providing regularly, small-small amounts of complex sugar items, can help in reducing regular hunger strike in the diabetic patients. But, the dilemma is that the diabetic patients are attracted more towards the simple sugar components and they are the reason, why they have been infected with diabetes. Thus, all individuals, who are not affected with diabetes, should also consume complex sugar in order to prevent risk of diabetes.

Consumption of food in most suitable form

Designing a diabetic patient’s diet involves a lot of science and technicalities. For example, over cooking of rice can lead to loss of Vitamin B in rice. Vitamin B is an extremely essential component for the diabetic patients. Similarly, boiling of potato converts the complex sugar of the potato in to simple sugar. Thus, a diabetic patient should eat only raw potatoes. Similarly, diabetic patient should consume salads, fruits, and vegetables, raw, without cooking.

Remedies to control Diabetes

Follow these Food Habits

Diabetes patients should eat more sprouts, low calorie items, and certain healthy fruits and vegetables. Drinking sufficient water is extremely essential. Diabetic patient become dehydrated, extremely quickly thus, drinking sufficient water is extremely important. They should consume at least 3 liters of water every day.


Walking is a simple exercise which all individuals can perform with quite ease. The benefits of walking are enormous. They improve blood circulation and also strengthen the digestion process in the human body. Regular walking by the diabetic patients, can keep the sugar level extremely low.

Magic Foods to control Diabetes

There are certain food products, which have magical components in them, which can control the sugar in diabetes patients, just like magic. The process, how these magic foods control or reduce the sugar content in the body is unknown. But, their consistent consumption significantly reduces the sugar levels in the body.

Fenugreek Seeds and Leaves

It is an essential crop cultivated worldwide and has special properties of reducing the levels of sugar in the body. It is known for its medicinal property. It applies its magic on people affected with the diabetes also. Consumption of small amounts, of raw powdered fenugreek seeds can help in significant reduction in sugar level in the body.

Bottle guard and Bitter guard

These vegetables might taste awful but, have very good impact on the health of diabetic patients. Sometimes juices of these vegetables can help in bringing down, the sugar content in the blood. But, they should be consumed on a moderate basis. Excess of these vegetables may be harmful thus, regulated consumption of these vegetables is essential.

High Fiber Foods

Diabetic patients should consume fiber products, in order to prevent regular hunger strike in the stomach. Diabetic people get hungry too often and such products keep their stomach filled. Inclusion of these fiber foods, certainly benefits the diabetic patients.

Insulin and its Importance for Diabetic Patients

Insulin is a word that many diabetic patients, would be aware of. Insulin is produced by pancreas of our body, which controls carbohydrate and fat metabolism in the body. In technical terms, it is a peptide hormone.


It helps the cells present in the skeletal muscles and fat tissues, in absorbing glucose from the blood. Insulin is a nutrient belongs to the category of proteins. The main function of insulin is to remove excess glucose from blood. If the excess glucose from blood is not removed, the blood becomes toxic.

Deficiency of Insulin

If the pancreas do not produce sufficient amount of insulin, in order to remove the glucose from the blood, there is an excess requirement of insulin. This stage causes diabetes. Here, insulin to the body has to be supplied from external sources through tablet, insulin injections, etc.

Excess of Insulin

Likewise, if the pancreas segregates excess amount of insulin in the body, which results into over removal of glucose from blood, the diabetic patient might feel dizzy and weak. Due to over doze of medicines, this is a common scene for diabetic patients. We often see elderly people, keeping certain sugar items, like chocolates, beside them while they sleep. The prime reason for this is in case they feel dizzy or weak, they immediately consume the chocolate and they feel better.

Regular Examination of Insulin Level

A diabetic patient has to regularly check the level of insulin in the body, by the means of ‘sugar test’. He has to take the sugar test every 15 to 20 days in order to keep track of his health and progress. Especially, elderly people have to be more conscious in relation to sugar test. If the result of sugar test is extremely low (below 90), or extremely high (over 350), there is a risk of a paralysis attack also.

The hereditary disease, Diabetes

Diabetes is a hereditary disease. It is shocking that, not many people know about this. It runs across the family, as the roots of the family, while drawing a family tree. Such families have to take sufficient care, in order to prevent diabetes to future generation. Controlling and regulating food habits of children at the young age, is extremely important.

Control the desires

A diabetic family has a special heart for sweets. They are always attracted to sweets. The children of such families should follow a strict diet, regulating the in-take of sugar. Sweets should be extremely occasional and should be substituted with other items made of soya and similar products. Soya beans, soya oils, etc, benefit a lot for the diabetic patients.

Using of Jaggery as a substitute of sugar is extremely essential. Making certain items, with fruits and vegetables instead of sugar is extremely essential.

Diabetes in children

Children generally, are affected by diabetes due to the hereditary effect of their parents or grandparents. A small kid taking regular pills and staying away from chocolates and sweets is a painful sight. Diabetes is an extremely dangerous disease. Walking and regular exercise can be extremely helpful in maintaining lower level of sugar in children. Also, following a strict routine of food is also essential.